Sunday, September 13, 2015

 One of many of the famous mask shops in Venice

 At the end of the alley, through the arch is a literal dropoff into a canal. Understandable that drunks often end up taking another kind of drink here
 Creepy baby head. Vera got the daytime version
 My AirBNB living room, complete with an entrance to a red light district
 Can barely fit through these narrow alleyways

 Shock Value!!!

 Loved this one. If you look closely you can see a bunch of complicated-looking math equations that may be complete BS but really make it feel authentic

 One of my favorite artists based on nice linework alone

 Playing various materials and veneers off each other gives a nice old-world feeling

 One of my favorites. Two bullets shot through gelatin, collided with each other. (Movie below)

 Interesting compositional choices, jarring offset side panels isolating the third figure

 Feels like a miniature opera hall, meaning escapes me but an interesting idea
 These were huge. Splatter brushwork looks random up close but gives a complete idea from far away. Has been done before, this was a fairly good example of the technique
 One of my favorites, again had no context for meaning but impressive in itself. (Pic below is closeup)

 Phoenix! Regrattably couldn't get a great picture, and I wish they had chosen a more impressive location, but these were incredible in life

 Really strange and intense sculpture
 Telephone pole Jesus. This was one of the few "kitsch" or "lowbrow" artists represented at the Arsenale. I appreciated the break from the pomposity

 Loved this one, the shiny coating is not stretched plastic but a solid clear coat somehow built up to give the impression of stretching. Really otherworldly

 Exit gangway of Arsenale

 Amazing Japanese hyper-realistic painting (closeup below)

 Creepy. The spider never ends up catching the crickets. I don't think it could fit.

 The Russian exhibit, missing a sense of scale here but it was huge, twice as tall as me

 This was my view every night and following morning. Made me feel ill, but motivated me to get my ass out of bed early and see things

 Lovely black and white paintings from an L.A. based artist. Makes me want to be in this place

 Who is this photobombing, and what exactly is she doing?

 Charles Pollack of many talents, in my mind a superior artist to his brother, Jackson
 In the Jewish ghetto (not currently an actual ghetto)

 Venice film festival, a media broadcast was getting setup, thus the emptiness. Could see anchors and cameras everywhere

Movie Theater was huge! Regrettably no shots of the film, "El Clan", as I turned my phone off like a good moviegoer